Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday Night - Suburb Style

My kindergartner has taken to making puppets out of paper lunch sacks.

We have a King, a Queen, and their chef. Each one takes at least an hour. So between that and practicing her tap dancing, she keeps pretty busy.


Day 14 with no faucet :
I've gone from one pitcher to a pitcher and two gallon jugs. What's scary is noticing how much water gets used. While filling the 9x13 dish currently soaking in the sink, all I could think was, I'm going to have to refill a jug for this.

Sad, but true.



Tree said...

I have a feeling the Kindergartner and my little J would get along quite well. I love it!

Karen said...

Amazing what kids can make out of nothing. Quite often we use them to decorate to put presents in - much cheaper than the expensive gift bags in the stores.

Hope the faucet is sorted soon (we call them taps over here :-) )