Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday, finally

I brought my plant in a couple weeks ago. Now, they're sitting on folded sheets in my entry way. I'm looking for a way to protect my hardwood floor that's slightly prettier. There aren't any saucers out there that I'm too fond of.


Mitzi Green said...

i'm sure you could figure out something to do with some microfiber towels, some sort of waterproof backing (shower curtain liner?) and some binding for the edges...

aaaaand GO!

Nat said...

Hmmmm... my aunt used to use the thing she put under the dish rack... but it wasn't terribly attractive either.

Could you go to like a thrift store and see if you could find some prettier dishes you could put under each pot?

Lulu said...

I have no ideas - it's dangerous for me to even write this post to you, as I have a black thumb and all of my houseplants have died. So umm...good luck! :)

Love the new look to the blog!