Thursday, December 03, 2009

Time flies

One of the main reasons I haven't hit publish lately is that I can't think of much to say.

We spent a wonderful five days at my parents over Thanksgiving.

We spent plenty of time in the hot tub
--Makes me want one of my own

Ice skating
--My legs still aren't back to normal

Had family pictures taken - for the first time with my parents, my sister and her kids, and my family.
--More on that later

Went to see my college alma mater's volleyball game
--They're nationally ranked and they were amazing

Plus plenty of other outside activity
--Both gun and bow.

I really to have so much to be thankful for. My kids are healthy and well behaved (for the most part). They love their cousins and play so well with them, even though they're a bit younger. They handled the 3 1/2 hour car ride like champs and well... they're just all around great kids. My husband of thirteen years... we have fit into a pattern and groove that I didn't think was possible.


There's always a but...

Or in my case, as big ol butt.

Once we got home from my parents, I realized that I was down to one pair of jeans that fit.

Problem was I gained seven pounds in five days.


Something must be done, and it does not involve buying new pants.


Anonymous said...

You're so right about so much to be thankful for and you're one of those at the top of the list. As for the butt, we'll both keep working on it! :) Lv, M

Nat said...

Oh ouch!

I need to get back into shape... I am down to one suit that kind of sort fits... ack. Not fun.

But it does sound like great fun.

Mitzi Green said...

you're always welcome to join 24 hour fitness and hang out there with me between 8 and 9pm. (assuming, of course, i ever get healthy enough to go back! ugh!) :)