Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Product Review and Other Nonsense

First off, Parent Bloggers asked me if I'd be interested in a copy of Hip Hop Harry "Move Those Feet."

Knowing my kids and their love of dance (and gymnastics), I signed up.

Hip Hop Harry uses music, dance and rhyme to teach kids about language, social skills and problem solving. The DVD has three episodes: Fancy Footwork, I Like to Move!, and You Can Dance!

In the first episode, Fancy Footwork two sisters learn the importance of positive competition when they find themselves on opposing teams, and the importance of drinking water when exercising. I really like the lesson in this one - it's ok to try hard and want to win, and it's ok if the other team wins as well. The second episode, I Like to Move!, features a fitness expert to teach the kids fun new ways to exercise. In the final episode, You Can Dance!, Hip Hop Harry helps a girl with classical ballet training learn some hip hop moves.

All three of the episodes promote exercise and physical fitness as well as encouraging creativity and social skills.

My five and three year old loved it, and were eager to show off their dance moves as well. My three year old informed me after the show was over that she was thirsty and should have a drink of water.

You can win your own copy, by leaving a comment here. Now, get hoppin'!


And on to the normal nonsense you've come to expect from me...

Thank you all for you wonderfully supportive comments yesterday. I hate to be such a turd-in-the-punchbowl, but for some reason it really bothered me more than I wanted it too.

Not so much that my friend got in and I didn't, but it made me feel like I wasn't good enough. And we all know how delightful that feels.

Part of that stems from the dozens of questions they asked with your sign up:

What shoes do you wear?

Have you run a marathon before and what was your time?

What is your projected time for this race?

Why are you running this race?

Well, they're not Nike shoes, nor will the ever be. We all know how my first marathon went. My projected time? Hopefully an hour better. Why? Why does anyone run a marathon. If you even have to ask... Maybe if I had an inspiring story of how I nearly lost my life to a giant squid or something...

Then I got the email:

"Team in Training, our partner through race beneficiary — the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, still has registrations reserved. If you would like to participate in the 2008 Nike Women’s Marathon through Team in Training, call 800.482.TEAM or check out the link below."

So what you're telling me is if I want to fund-raise for Team in Training, I can run.


A very large part of me doesn't even want to post this. I don't want to rain on Tree's parade at all, and not just because she offered to bag the race and come run with me. That thought alone drove me to tears, again.
I am really, truly excited she's in and I can't wait to see her finisher's Tiffany Necklace. She's in it for the run, I was in it for the bling.

I also told her if she did that I would come down and kick her bony ass. Right after I catch her, which may take awhile as she is quick on her feet and I tend to mosey.

Live and learn, and next time sign up as a team. Everything happens for a reason. There's a reason I'm not supposed to be there.

Now I'm patiently waiting for Friday, April 18, 12:01 am when the registration opens for the first 10,000 crazies for the Twin Cities Marathon. The race is October 5th. Hey. I'll be done with my race, while Tree still has two more weeks!

Anyone want to join me?

I did manage to finish one project yesterday. It took me significantly longer and a lot more material than I was planning, but it turned out pretty well. The only question it begs is...


Or Brunette?

Either way, the inside pocket is, well...

The money shot.

Oy. Is it hot in here?


Tree said...

Brilliant bag! I vote for brunette. But either one could eat crackers in my bed (if I were single, that is).

You are the best, G. Truly the best. Now we have to pinpoint when we start training! The thought alone makes my stomach churn. The thought of long runs in August is intimidating.

BlueBella said...

Be still my fluttering heart! And I can snuggle all I want with this bag and not get pregnant - brilliant! Or, erm, pregnant-er.

Mitzi Green said...

i think you could totally take tree in a brawl. ;)

and as for the brokeback purse, what's the inside pocket for? storing your condoms and amyl nitrate?

Gretchen said...

tree - "Training Starts Today" is my new motto. Mostly yesterday I was pissed because running has become 'hard' again - I've been to lax.

BB - Yes, it's very soft. Pregnant-er. Heh.

Mitzi - what else would the pocket be for?

Sarah said...

Blonde and Brunette.... yum.

I'd spend all day saying "Is that lipstick in that pocket or are you happy to see me..."

love them.

TX Poppet said...

Ah-Woo-Gah! What a tote! Do I dare bring that to the church quilting circle? You know if I were over 70 like the rest of the gals, I think I might.

Thanks for stopping by to comment at Canned Laughter. You have been entered to win in the stationery give away. Good Luck!

Nat said...

Nice bags! Just send 'em my way!

I'd join you for Twin cities but The Man is running Marine Corps around that time. You know... money and all. :)

I reckon if you apply next year, you say you wear Nike shoes. (I don't think I know any runners who wear Nike shoes.)

Jen said...

AWESOME BAG....major man candy!!!!

The Piper Family said...

Great bag. Good luck on the run this fall!!

Bryan said...

If you do make a more masculine colored market tote, that I can actually walk around with....I certainly would't want something that sort of masculine!

Love that fabric tho!!