Friday, October 05, 2007


Today's been a busy day.

Yea, I know... I stay home. How busy could it be? I know I could be shuffling work in there too, but I'm not, so bear with me...

8:40 - get two kids on the bus.

8:45 - argue with the Toddler about going to Preschool.

8:46 - offer a trip to the Dollar Store if we can have a fuss-free drop off.

8:47 - buckle a now grinning girl in her carseat. Hey, it's not bribery, it's "positive reinforcement."

8:50 - Pick up other car pool child.

9:00 - drop off kids with nary a tear.

9:10 - drive by the neighbors and see her out. Stop and talk.

10:15 - Make it to the school just in time to see The Kindergarten Boy perform a "Nursery Rhyme" program. Each of the 22 kids individually recited his or her own nursery rhyme and then they sang 4 songs as a class. Two of them with sign language. There's a reason I don't teach Kindergarten.

10:59 - Miss a call for TV delivery.

11:15 - Company calls to reschedule delivery and complain that I didn't get a call regarding the TV.

11:17 - Check my phone realize I missed the call.

11:18 - Call back and apologize - offer to pick TV up after the truck comes back in. There is no ring tone loud enough for a room of 22 Kindergarters.

11:30 - With Kindergartener in tow, pick up two Preschoolers.

11:39 - Drop off other car pool child. Normally, I drop off and she picks up, but we're flexible that way.

11:50 - Arrive at Dollar Store.

12:30 - Leave $20 at the store, but take home halloween costumes for all kids ($1 each) and some decorations. Hey, the costumes only have to last one day. And it's DONE.

12:35 - Hit drive through for lunch. Feed kids. Log on computer.

And later this afternoon -

2:45 - Trip to the Burn Center. I'm hoping this will be our last trip.

After that, pick up TV, round up other kids, dinner, spend some time outside because the weather is beautiful! Then bath, bed, and probably a drink.

At some point, I still need to blog about my trip to Detroit. Let me just put it this way - if you ever have a chance to drive a brand spanking new Corvette on a closed course - freaking do it.

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Lukie said...

wow I got tired just reading what you did today. I worked in kindergarten today and preschool yesterday. I think I could write a book with the stories but I don't think the school would appreciate it.