Thursday, September 20, 2007

Oh Nina, where are you?

Remember the Saturn Vue test drive?

The trip to Detroit to yap about my views on Bloggers and marketing?

Guess what.

I get to go back.

This time to the Milford Proving Ground.

"You will be given the opportunity to drive many 2008 models, including the GMC Yukon 2-mode hybrid, Saturn VUE Green Line, Chevy Equinox, Chevy Corvette, Saab 9-3, Cadillac Escalade, Buick Enclave, Hummer H3 Alpha, Chevy Silverado HD, Cadillac CTS, Saturn Aura Green Line, GMC Acadia, Saab 9-7x Aero, Buick LaCrosse Super, Pontiac G6 coupe, and many more..."

I'm drooling.
The practical part of me is fully prepared to drive my current Suburban into the ground. It's running great with 112,000+ miles. Really, why buy a new car with small, sticky children? But there's something about the new car smell...

"You will also get to participate in an Advanced Driving Techniques session, which will include everything from parking tips in large vehicles to a very exciting real-time skid illustrating the function of StabiliTrack."

Not only that, but they're paying my way and putting me up for the night. Yes, a whole night (and bed) to myself. I'm not sure which I'm more excited about - driving a bunch of really shiny new cars, or sleeping without anyone hogging the covers.

The only issue I have, and please don't laugh, is what to wear?


Yesterday, while they were all at school at the same time, I did a little shopping. I had heard things like "fitted is back" and "brown is the new black."

I found a pair of crop length slacks (I should have taken a picture but I was wearing them) in brown. The fit and look good. But what shoes? Calf high boots, short boots, or flats?

I came across this crop length sweater and found the striped shirt in my closet. Would it be better with a plain white shirt? Do the stripes say "I'm trying to hard?"
Or I could go the 'safe' route and stick with the cardigan and matching tank.

I can parallel park a Suburban. Normally hit the parking space in one shot. But what do I wear?

Oh Nina Garcia, where are you when I need you?


Mitzi Green said...

the cardigan and tank seem to be yelling "suburban mother."

go with the stripes.

(says the woman who is secretly wishing for fall so she can again hide her middle-aged spread under sweaters.)

Army Wife said...

if you wear white, drape a back sweater over your shoulders...

also if you get a chance to drive an Audi, let me know!!

Lotta said...

I think you should have worn the pink sweater but with a black teeshirt underneath, a cool button and a pair of dark wash jeans. Very cute.

But the attached collar/sweater thing. I just can't buy into that trend.

It doesn't matter though everyone will be looking at your gorgeous face!

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

I likes outfit A, and how cool that they asked you back!

And where can I sign up???