Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Review: "The Little Black Book Of Style"

An open letter to Nina Garcia, author of "The Little Black Book of Style."

Dear Nina,

First off - is it ok if I call you Nina? After reading your book I already feel like we're friends. Thing is, when I first received your book, I wasn't quite sure what to make of it. It's fairly slight, but upon opening it up, I was immediately struck by the art work. Then I started reading, and could barely bring myself to stop.

Your book inspired me. It inspired me to clean out fifty three pounds of clothes from my closet. Yes, fifty three. My overstuffed closet is no longer overstuffed; left in my closet are things that fit and flatter. I was finally able to rid my closet of wool blazers that I hadn't worn since I worked (three years ago), shirts that just don't button right, clothes that are too small-big-narrow-wide-short-bunchy, and suits that I haven't worn in four years and probably won't wear again. Let me put it this way, in one of my blazer pockets, I found a binky. Keep in mind that my only child to take a binky gave it up at a year - he's five now.

The thing is, I'm tired of schlepping around. Tired of throwing on the first thing and making due with the same four pair of capris, three pair of shorts, and dozen shirts. Tired of looking worn down and just plain old. I know a lot of this has to do with what I wear.

Which leads me to your book. The thing I really love about it is that it doesn't tell you necessarily what to wear, but how to wear it. By breaking fashion down into six easy to digest chapters, you've made it easy for the rest of us. Easy to look at our closet, what we already have, in a whole new light.

And you know what I discoved when I cleaned out my closet? I have plenty of great clothes, they were just hidden by the excess. Of course, a girl can always use another pair of shoes.

My favorite passage comes from page 142:

"...You will find that style comes from adoring yourself enough to dress up for you and you alone. Because, in the end you are the only judge that really matters.

Style is a matter of finding out who you are and who you want to be in the world. I hope you chose to be fabulous, daring, fun, inspired, and yourself."

That really says it all!

My eternal thanks,


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Mitzi Green said...

maybe i should read this book. because when i read the email last night about the next blog blast, my first thought was "i don't have anything AWFUL in my closet. what i have is a lot of stuff that's AWFUL SMALL. and AWFUL TIGHT. and AWFULLY NOT MY SIZE ANYMORE." and like you, i'm tired of wearing the same old crap. but i can't afford to remedy that situation yet...

Mayberrys said...

Ditto ditto ditto!! I have several series of "in the back" clothes.
The furthest back is my pre-pregnany size.
Pre-FIRST-pregnancy size.
She's almost seven.
If I ever get to be that size again, I am treating myself to a whole new freakin' wardrobe!!
I betcha I can beat your 56 pounds...

Anna said...

Love it. After two pregnancies I have some serious wardrobe pruning to do.

mothergoosemouse said...

Been doing the same thing. It's liberating, isn't it?

MPPs Mom said...

i love Nina! And now i'm excited to see this book too! Thanks for the review

Lotta said...

Wow, I'll have to get that book from the library!

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

very cool!

Karen said...

Your're my wardrobe clearance twin! I did mine last week and I was horrified at the stuff I found. But then I did find a couple of slinky capri pants I could wear again as I've just managed this year to shed 23lb off my big lardy arse.