Friday, September 21, 2007

Five things + Product Review

1. I'm really excited about my trip to Detroit. Not only that, but I'll get to see MotherGooseMouse! It's been four years since I've seen her last. Entirely too long.

2. Denver's half-marathon is fast approaching. This weekend is a 15 mile run, and my huband will be leaving Saturday morning. That leaves me with the option of hiring a sitter for three-ish house on Saturday or Sunday, or getting up reeeeeaaaaaly early Saturday morning. I still need to figure out my lodging arrangements.

3. Lotta is up to something. Go check it out.

4. I swear, today I'm going to clean out my rat's nest of a dining room.

Just by looking, I can count six projects that need to be finished. Mitzi, send me the damned measurements so I can finish two of them. Not like you don't have anything else going on.

5. We are now the proud owners of our first Webkinz. Big Girl had a traumatic doctor's visit yesterday, and between the teeth chattering and crying, I promised her one. They are pretty neat, I'll give them that.

On to the review. I was given the chance to check out Zula Patrol. It's a new show on PBS aimed at incorporating science and astronomy in a fun to watch kids' show. My kids loved it and asked to watch it over and over. The story lines did incorporate plenty of science - one show was about the three types of rocks and the other about volcanos. The graphics are amazing and the music is really fun. The website is set up so teachers and parents can download information to go along with the episodes. My only issue is that after awhile, the character's voices grated on my nerves, but not my kids. Maybe that's what happens when they watch it three times in one day. Overall, I give this two thumbs up - my kids liked it and they learned something. Check out other reviews for this product at PBN.


Mitzi Green said...

ugh, SORRY. i meant to get them this morning but got sidetracked talking to the dumb shitting dog. i will get them when i go home for lunch and email them to you this afternoon, I SWEAR. (though the neighbors are enjoying the daily peep show.)

Lotta said...

Oh good Lord if I took a picture of my house right now they would send social services over.

Lotta said...

Hi! Could you email me at I can't find your email and I'm trying to make up the Future MILF Swap list to send out today. Thanks!