Saturday, October 06, 2007

Two Weeks

Our next visit to the burn center will be in two weeks for a follow-up.

For now - keep it lotioned and 'clean as possible.'

There's still quite a bit of skin that will sluff off, but right now I'm really happy with the result.

The relief I felt driving from the doctor's office yesterday can not be described.

I don't know how parents with critically ill children do it. This is mild in comparison to what some people go through, but scary nevertheless.

Make the most of your weekend.


Lukie said...

I am glad to hear that things are looking better. My prayers are with you.

Builder Mama said...

Hooray! That is great news! I'm happy for her and for you too...I know what a relief it must be.

Heather said...

That's great news! Glad to hear she is doing so well.

MPPs Mom said...

really good news!!! I'm so glad it's turned out this way. HUGS :)

Lotta said...

Had I any idea how much I would suffer whenever my kids got hurt I'm not so sure I would have done this mommy thing. It's a good thing I went into it thinking it would be unicorns and rainbows or I might never have gotten my kids!