Thursday, October 12, 2006

t, sh, cl

About twice a week, the Girl will bring homework. The last three weeks, she's brought home a different ending for words - one was "at" - bat, hat, sat, and on and on.

Last night it was "it" - sit, hit, bit... She was down to the last three spaces. She asked if t-i-t was a word, and I said yes, but not one your teacher would probably appreciate. Why? It's slang, and not very 'nice'. Oh, Ok... No biggie.

We talked about blended sounds - snit, quit, grit... I could have explained sh-it. I've even said it before. It didn't come up. Neither did the third one I had running though my head.

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Anonymous said...

Whenever Jaysen gets homework like this I'm not allowed to help... hehehe

Of course, "tit" is also a bird ;)