Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Bonus - because someone's taking a nap.

Yesterday, I think, the Queen made reference to Corn Dogs. And the fact that she was trying not to eat one. (Doesn't The Boy look absolutely delighted that I'm taking his picture?)

I faced my own demons after working out. Needed to gas up the Suburban, and wanted to before the prices went up. Amazing that 80 or 90 cents makes on 30 gallons.

Alas, the kids remembered that this "Quick" Stop had corn dogs. Two for two dollars.

I only got two. I could have easily gotten four, and eaten two before we even got home. I didn't even see if they wanted me to take the first bite - you know - so they could cool faster.

Instead, I picked up a "medium" Diet Coke. Fountain. Mmmm.

Waited until I got home.

Threw my "Smart Ones" Chicken Enchilada Suiza in the microwave. Yes, that big blobby mess. Ate about half the carton of cottage cheese in the first 3 minutes of cooking time. Stirred said entree. Ate a couple more bites of cottage cheese in the next minute and a half.

It never looks like the picture. I'd like to know what their microwave looks like - to have their entree come out so pretty. That said, I've been known to eat this for breakfast.

One more thing to add... I wasn't kidding when I said the Toddler has decided to forgo clothing. Most people take off their shoes at the door. She takes off everything. She managed to leave everything on while we were at the gym. As soon as we got home, though - shoes, socks, pants, pullup, shirt...

Really, last thing - she picked out all the pink...


Builder Mama said...

On the WW meals...would you actually eat it if you knew what it truly looked like?

Some of them are actually decent, though. The vegetarian spaghetti one is a particular favorite of mine as long as I have some parmesan on there.

Tanaya said...

Lasagna Florentine and Southwestern Beans and Rice...although I ate so many of the bean entree while pregnant, I can't really stomach them anymore.