Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hump Day

On Starting the Day:
Some people like coffee, some tea, I'm a Diet Coke girl myself. This morning I opened the fridge and remembered I was out. Say it isn't so! I dug around, and way in the back, came across a Diet Cherry Coke. Score.

On Potty Training:
The Toddler has, for the most part, decided to wear underwear. Or nothing at all. It is not unusual to see a bare little butt running around. As long as she uses the toilet, this isn't a problem. I do, however, request that she wears both a pull-up and pants when we leave the house. Occasionally, that means she wears underwear underneath the pull-up, but that's the least of my worries. I do need to get more oxyclean for the carpet. Borax works nicely too...

On GSD (Getting Shit Done):
Yesterday I was on a tear. Final tally - 7 loads of laundry. Seven. All the clothes, all the sheets, all the comforters. One of the nice things about our front loader is I can fit our king size down comforter in. The whole upstairs smells lovely. I also managed to get most of my summer stuff put away and my winter stuff out. I saved out two pair of shorts, a pair of capris, and a couple shirts for our trip to Orlando in two weeks. Two weeks from today we're hauling the family on vacation. I'd better start packing.

On Depression - Moxie - you said it:
"If we had more cultural support for mothering and parenting in general--and I don't mean people stopping us to tell us how cute our kids are and then giving us some guilt trip about either working or not working and what and how we're feeding our kids--we wouldn't be stretched to the breaking point physically or emotionally. If we lived in less isolation from each other we'd have people to share the burden with on a daily basis. If we hadn't screwed up our food chain so much we'd be eating foods that were naturally higher in the nutrients our bodies need to be able to keep us on a more even keel emotionally. If we were able to trust our parents more, and therefore learned to trust ourselves more, we wouldn't be so twisted up about every minor decision we make about our kids and we wouldn't judge other parents so harshly.

Mothering in this time and place can be a really screwed-up proposition. It's amazing most of us come out of it as whole as we do."*

On Winter:
It's snowing. Kids are freaking out. I am too. I hope their snowpants still fit. I will say, I love winter - the snow, the cold, forts, sledding, hot chocolate, a roaring fire - I love it.

*I'm not putting this out there in a Tom "She Just Needs Vitamins" Cruise way, just as something to think about. We're so far from our natural roots - geographically close family and small, tight knit communities - help around every corner. Depression is something that we need to talk about.


Joe said...

Orlando should be fun.

Based on the age of your kids, if you go into Disney, be sure to hit the Bug's Life Show in the Animal Kingdom.

It is located underneath the huge tree that is the central feature.

I have never seen a cooler 3-D type show. Mind you, I was 30 at the time. (Went with a 86 people to Disney for the millenium new year's.)

If I was 6, it would have blown my mind.

Over at the MGM theme park, the tower of terror and aerosmith rockin roller coaster were pretty awesome, but more for older kids.

The Fantasmicks show at MGM was way, way, way better than I expected, and good for little ones, too. It was a strange combination of lasers, video, and live people, all projected on fan-sprays of water in this little lagoon.

Sounds weird, but those Disney folks know what they are doing.

Sea World was cool. I was especially tickled that it is part of the Anheuser Busch empire, so you had beer stands everywhere.

The beer is at disney, but often kind of squirreled away.

Army Wife said...

you always remind me...

about housework...damn.

Thank you for the inspiration AS ALWAYS!!!

Jenn said...

I agree, we need to talk about it more. We don't do it enough, how come?

It helps to talk about things, it helps to know we're not alone!

If we could get back to the basics the whole world would be a better place. Here's to closer families, closer communities and better, healthier food!

You are great, keep it up. I'm glad I found your blog.

Builder Mama said...

Okay, I have to agree with The Dude that A Bug's Life is a great show.

On the sappy female side, The Beauty and The Beast show at MGM is really, really good. To the point I was crying when the freaking Beast died. I am truly pathetic.

MGM in my opinion had the best parade...had a good mix of characters from the movies like Aladdin, Toy Story, etc. in addition to the regular Disney favorites. Magic Kingdom was too girly for Monkey Man's taste.

And ditto on Sea World too. The beer makes the screaming kids so much more bearable. And a little known tip - if you do the Discovery Cove deal, you get DC for a day, and then a week free at Sea World. It was well worth it for us and was actually the two best days of our week there.

Christina000 said...

your/moxie's comments on depression ring loudly for me......... ain't that the truth.