Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The moose out front should have told you...

We've booked a trip. To Orlando. With the kids.

Haven't told them yet, as I don't want to be answering the daily, if not hourly question of "When do we get to go?"

Put aside is the romantic trip for our 10th anniversary. I'm ok with that. Orlando was an offer we couldn't refuse.

Not quite sure exactly what we'll be doing - Husband will have to make a couple appearances for work, so the kids and I'll have some time to goof around. I'm planning to take them to the beach. You don't get that close to the ocean and not go to the beach. We'll probably hit one of the theme parks.

The kids would just be happy to hang out at the hotel and swim in the pool, so I'm not too worried about cramming it all in. We can do that when they're older.


Kristin said...

Oh, YAY!! You are going to have a yon of fun....and hopefully we can get the kiddos together!

Kristin said...

a TON of fun. Sorry!

Tree said...

That's my kind of vacation!

Missi said...

Orlando is fun! We went last year and are going again this year.

BTW, LOVE the National Lampoon picture!