Friday, October 13, 2006

First Meeting is Over

Last night I hosted my first Girl Scout meeting.

I thought I would have six girls - nope - eight.

The girls had a nice opportunity to get to know each other (read - play in my Girl's room and the basement), and the parents did too. I had an informational folder for each of them. I'd typed up a little history, put together some field trip ideas, had a peanut-free snack list, and information on a Family Participation badge we'll work on over the year.

We'll have one meeting a month - the parents each picked a month to host and are already signed up. While the girls played, we also decided on the monthly field trip we'll go on. Money is in so I can order the vests and patches, the first field trip is set up, and now I just need to open a Troop Checking Account. I told all the parents that if they were ever curious as to what the money was being spent on (I'd asked them each to contribute $25 for miscellaneous expenses) that they were welcome to look at the "books." They all agreed that they were glad somebody else was handling it.

I am so excited. I think the parents are too. While picking something up off the printer in the office, I overheard, "We're so lucky to have her. She's so organized." That just made me smile.

I had two projects for the girls to work on, but they were so keyed up that I didn't even try. I'll just use them for the next meeting.

Now. Now I can work on getting ready for Orlando in two weeks!

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meno said...

That's great that it went well. They are lucky to have you. It's been my experience that most parents are happy to have their kids in activities, but they want someone else to do most of the work. That includes me most of the time.