Tuesday, December 29, 2009

All roads lead...

Starting Christmas Eve and ending sometime late Christmas night, Cow Town received the most snowfall on December 25th since 1897. Or something like that. It was one of those blips the Weatherman gave on the unending Weather station.

Christmas morning was a delightful affair. We spent the morning opening presents, eating baked french toast, and then opening more presents. Shortly after noon, we dress and went to the inlaws to open more presents and eat more. I was able to catch up on some tv, hiding away in the basement while my husband slept on the couch and the kids made the most of the new presents.

Finally, as the kids showed signs of wear, we packed up and loaded the Suburban while horizontal snow flew. For the most part, the roads weren't too bad. Perhaps after three Minnesota winters I have a slightly skewed view.

I should say they weren't too bad until we turned onto our street. My husband, being the funny man he is, put the truck back into 2 wheel drive and tried to make a go of it. Why? To make the kids (and me) squeal. An unending swath of white covered the road, and half of a minivan. The minivan was stuck going uphill in the middle of the street. I kindly requested he return the truck to 4 wheel drive. Sensing my apprehension, he did. Ha. As if. More likely I told him to cut it out and get me home. Laughing, he did.

We ended up cutting a path around a light pole, onto the curb and drove for a bit on the sidewalk. Retuning to the street, we made the last half of the block to our house. Upon arriving home, we noticed the neighbor's car stuck in our driveway. We called him, and he came over apologizing profusely. He'd only meant to deliver some Christmas cheer, when he overcompensated trying to get into our driveway and landed solidly in the drift that should have been our driveway. After attaching a tow strap between his car and our Suburban, my husband quickly pulled him out.

That was enough excitement for me. Though I must admit, I don't know as I've ever been more glad to have a vehicle with 4 wheel drive.

We stayed in Saturday and most of Sunday. The kids, of course, didn't. They have made the most of the snow, only coming in to eat and have me throw their snow pants in the dryer. I taught them the trick of putting plastic bags over their feet before stuffing them in wet boots. In my day, we used bread bags. Now, it's Target plastic sacks that provide a moisture barrier. By mid-day Sunday, the plow had come by. Not that we couldn't have gotten out, it just made more sense to stay off and let the road crews to their work. Well... Most of their work. Sunday we went out for pizza, and on the drive home we encountered this:

This is supposed to be the street too our house. Notice the little lights in the middle of the picture? That's where our house is. Apparently either the road crews couldn't handle it, or the just didn't do it knowing there was another way in. Either way, the kids thought it was pretty funny.Yesterday, we went to inspect it. On the left of the picture is the kids' school. They still haven't cleared it. Not sure what the hold up is.

Ah well. At least there's another way out.

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Mitzi Green said...

welcome to platte county. ;)

frankly, i'm surprised they sent a plow out that far...