Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Take two Twinkies and call me in the morning

Over the weekend at my parents', I just couldn't shake the feeling.

You know... That something is wrong. It started the Wednesday prior, a nagging ache that just wouldn't go away. We drove back from Cow Town, my bladder aching all the way. I shook it off with a gallon of cranberry juice and plenty of water. Saturday we headed back out of town to visit my parents.

By Sunday though, it would not be ignored. My entire body ached.

I ended up in Urgent Care. A quick sample later diagnosed a UTI.

Seems simple enough, but it's really knocked me out for a couple days. Monday we headed home and off to The Boy's baseball game. Tuesday I thought I felt better, but by mid-afternoon I was ready to call it a day.

And in a fashion, I did... I dug out the hidden Twinkie package from the double-secret-probation hiding spot, gobbled them down and headed to bed. There is something to be said for having my husband home.

Three hours later I finally woke up, finally feeling better.



merrymishaps said...

The miracle cure? Glad you're feeling better.

I've got quite a backlog in my reader, just catching up -- I hope everything works out with the housing situation!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

UTI's suck donkey balls. Or maybe that's how you GET a UTI!!

Hallie :)