Thursday, June 25, 2009

With the kids home for the summer, and my husband home since February 12th, it feels like every day is Saturday.

No reason to get up too early, no reason to worry too much about bedtime... This morning I slept until 9:30, and my youngest until 9:45.

I know it will come to an end soon enough, but I'm just enjoying the time right now.


Friday afternoon I'm hosting an informal happy hour for the neighborhood ladies. I figure we should make good use of the patio while we have it.

Anyone have any favorite drink or appetizer recipes?

I was thinking sangria... and guacamole. But I'm open to suggestions...



Wonderful World of Weiners said...

No jello shots?


MPPs Mom said...

Sangria sounds so delish! Now I want to make some!!!!

My guests always ask me for my shrimp ball. There is a feta/tomato appetizer that's yummy on everything bagel crisps.

Enjoy one of the last patio parties!!!

Joe said...

Cucumber-infused vodka & lemonade.

Slice up a cucumber, put in a nalgene bottle/big jar. Pour a bottle of vodka in. Let it soak for at least a couple hours.

Mix with lemonade.

It is a great summer drink.

Tree said...

I like the cucumber infused vodka idea! I may pinch that idea. Thanks.

Love Sangria.

Anne gave me a quickie yummy recipe - 2 cans black beans, drained & rinsed; 1 can shoepeg corn, drained & rinsed (I also use hominy for the southerners here); 1 can Rotel (like the lime & cilantro); squeeze 1/2 lime over it; add taco seasoning to taste; add cilantro to taste; when ready to service, slice 1-2 avocadoes and serve with tortilla chips. It also works well as a salsa or a salad. Seriously, I made it for the first time on a Friday, and it was requested by other people (not my dh and immediate family) two more times within a week.