Friday, October 10, 2008

Finally Friday.

The weather cooperating and I'm hosting happy hour at 4:30...

It can not come soon enough.


Family Fun on the cheap? Is it still possible?

We enjoy taking the kids bowling. They are always looking to go on bike rides. Or we'll have a pizza/movie party in the basement.

This weekend the Minneapolise Institute of Arts is having their Free Family weekend. Also the Big Gym I joined is having an Open House this weekend. I'm thinking we'll take DH (he's not a member) and he can watch the kids swim.

Tonight is Make Your Own Pizza night. The kids think it's a hoot.

Wondering - what are some of your favorite "Family Fun" activities?


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Jenny said...

Free family stuff...we have a great arboretum here (the on in the TC is great also). We have a great free zoo (similar to Como). Libraries also have tons of free/fun family activities. My kids also enjoy running through the display models at Menards (thanks Grandpa).