Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Moving on...

Yesterday, I delivered the quilts to the teachers. The first, was a group of us handing it over, the second - just me.

Both teachers were delighted. And teary.

After putting so much time into a project, it's a bit hard to give it up. Mostly, I'm concerned that the recipient won't like it. Silly as that sounds. Lauren's Quilt? I was so terribly nervous she wouldn't like it. It goes with just about anything I make for someone else. But really, starting with the selection of the fabric and pattern, the cutting, sewing, layering, basting, quilting, and binding... It's pretty much consumes me. It's something I truly love to do.

As with anything, it's done and I must move on.

A couple weekends ago, my sister and I were at our parent's house. We came upon a box with two of her unfinished quilts.

Yesterday on the way home from school, I called my sister to let her know that my docket was clear... And that would she like me to post pictures now or wait until I was done? I taunted her just a bit.

Hmmm... We'd laid it out before, so I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do with it.

She does beautiful piecework. Much better than I ever could.

Here's what she stared with:

I can't quite figure out the method to her madness. No worries, I usually can't. She couldn't either for that matter. As I was going through the bag, I came across a receipt for the fabric dated 5/15/1995. No wonder she can't remember.

Free license remember?

A few minutes with my seam ripper, and this is what I came up with:

For now. I can't quite decide if I'm going to leave the points, round them off and scallop the point, or shear them off entirely leaving triangles. Suggestions?

With the end of the school year, I also put together some Market Totes for the "other" teachers... Music, Art, and the like...

I cheated and just used my serger - I think they turned out pretty spiffy.

I used a slightly darker red fabric for the sewn in storage pouch.
Not much else.

Oh, except this week is week one of eighteen for my next marathon.



amandajean said...

you could add some triangles to the outside (in a cream color) to fill in the points. that would maintain the size of your quilt nicely. how fun to finish one of your mom's wips!

BlueBella said...

Absolutely fantastic!!!!! Rounded edges sound nice and girly . . .you know to go along with that pink:)

Lotta said...

I'm sure anyone would love a quilt you made because they are all Beauties!

Nat said...

Congrats on the beginning of marathon training.

All your quilts are stunning, the ones for the teachers even more so. Probably one of the more special gifts the teachers have received.

Karen said...

I think the quilt with the pointy edges makes it quite unique. Is there any way you could run a bias-binding around the edges to strengthen them? It would look really pretty with a contrasting sheet underneath to highlight the main colours when it's thrown over something.

The bags are nice too - love the colours.