Friday, February 02, 2007

More Craft Room After Pictures.

I discovered a couple things in cleaning out my craft room.

I like yarn.
Lots and lots of yarn.

I like fabric too.

Lots and lots of fabric and notions.

I like the feel of textiles. I like turning them into something. I promised myself I wouldn't buy any more until I finished a couple of my outstanding projects. Until I went to the fabric store to buy embroidery floss to finish one of the baby blankets. Until I saw these fabrics on sale for $1 a yard instead of $6.99.

Not sure what I'll do with either one. I didn't think they really matched anything in the house, until I got them home. The reds and greens aren't exactly what's in the family room, but might make a nice quilt.

This morning, I finally finished one of the baby blankets for my sister:


Tree said...

I totally understand what you learned about yourself!

I think it is awesome that you can teach your children to do these things. I really wish my mom had taught me more than how to sew buttons.

Mitzi Green said...

why don't you just start making my clothes.

i'll send you my measurements and a check.

Mitzi Green said...

by the way, the check isn't to pay you for the clothes--it's hush money to keep you from telling the world my measurements. ;)

Heather said...

My thing is ribbon, I have lots and lots and lots of ribbon. The transformation is spectacular!

Kristin said...

If only I knew how to sew.....I have a scrapbook pile similar to your "before". I went to a creative memories pary 3 years ago and haven't touched it since.
Hopefully you are my inspiriation...

Denise said...

Very nice job! Can I send you my address? *hint, hint*

Long Island Dad said...

Very, Very Nice! Great work there G!