Monday, February 05, 2007

I've got nuthin'...

Except a sick toddler. Yesterday she woke up with a fever of 102.3. As long as we rotated Motrin and Tylenol every three hours she was fine. Then the coughing started.

This morning, I've got a sick-ish first grader. According to the 'rules' she's able to go to school. She's just a tiny bit warm verus the fire-blazing hot Toddler. She's coughing a little bit. But she looks worn down.

Sometimes, usually, it's a judgement call.

Which leaves me with three kids and unable to go to the gym today.

Today will be spent watching cartoons while laying on the couch. I'll be on-call, moreso than usual. Mom, I need, I want, can I have... And I'll oblige. Even though I'm tired.

Most of last night was spent sleeping on the Toddler's floor.

Or in the rocking chair.

Because as a parent, sometimes that's what you do.

You grab the closest pillow and try and get comfortable under a baby blanket.

Every time I left last night, within 10 minutes, she knew I was gone.

And she cried. And coughed. And cried and coughed.

So I went back and held her in the rocking chair until she was asleep and no longer coughing.

And laid her down in her bed, and I laid on the floor.

I was up no less than six times in seven hours.

So I'll leave you with this:

Fresh out of 'bed' with the sicky Toddler.

As I type, that's where she is. It is where she will spend most, if not all, of her day.
So that's what I will do. Be the soft place to fall.


Mitzi Green said...

you so purty. ;)


Leeanthro said...

Feel better. Almost every blog I read this morning talks about being sick (both the adults and kids). Seems EVERYONE's got it. I know that doesn't make you feel any less tired. But know that everyone is sympathetic

MPPs Mom said...

Get well soon!!! And no more spreading of those germs!!

Mrs. Chicken said...

We have it, too. But thankfully I only have one kid with a runny nose and a cough. Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Awww, I hope she feels better soon.

g-man said...

Last night was just not a night to be a parent. Nice photos by the way. The red robe and screwed up face, you're hot ;) {laugh} Really, I hope you all feel better soon.

Long Island Dad said...

I need, I want, Can I have?... All in the neediest most pathetic tone... that's what gets us! Hope all is well soon!

yerdoingitwrong said...

awwww. You're a good mama. Hope she's feeling better soon!

aimee said...

You poor things. I missed all the sicklies while being in Mexico. Is it shameless to feel happy about that?????

joansy said...

Add us to the list of sickies. I hope she's feeling well soon.
Great pics though.

Esmerelda said...

Some day she'll be too big to cuddle and you'll !sniff! miss this...actually you won't, but I hoped it made you feel a little mushy about it!

Tree said...

I'm with Esmerelda - the silver lining is snuggling up with your wee one. You are an awesome mom, G.

Heather said...

Enjoy the snuggle time, hope that everyone is feeling better soon!

Gretchen said...

Thanks all!

Gretchen said...

Thanks all!