Monday, October 16, 2006

Evolution of Beauty

If you haven't seen this commercial...

I'm ok with the makeup, the hair, but it's the photoshopping that really, really bothers me.

Thanks Dan, for the technical help.


Anonymous said...

Figured this is the best place to reply to your question :)

When adding a YouTube video, you SHOULD just be able to use the Embed code. On the video page - to the right of the video - you should see two bits of code, URL and Embed. Copy all the "Embed" code, then in your Blog post, click "HTML" at the top, and then paste the code in.

When you click Publish, you MIGHT get an error message - just click "Ignore errors for this post" and submit again.

Good luck :)

meno said...

That's absolutely creepy. Even the beautuful people aren't beautiful enough. Ick.