Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sometimes the best way for me to shake a crappy mood

Is to make a big mess.

My oldest wanted to craft something. She snuggled up to me, and said, "I'd like to do something with ribbon and paper."

I replied, "How about ribbon and fabric. You can make a purse."

Screaming and jumping and Yippie! abounded.

It was fun... She invited a friend over, and they spent the next thirty minutes gluing the ribbon on. There is still a huge mess in the kitchen. I suppose I should get it cleaned up.

The finished product turned out pretty spiffy, I think. My girl is the tall one.

Where'd she get this idea, you ask? This is what I've been making in my spare time...

The fabric in the center is what I used for the lining. I didn't glue the ribbon on, I stitched it. Pretty cool, I think. My latest is black fabric with pink ribbon. Very Audrey.


Denise said...

They are FABULOUS and so are you!

Mitzi Green said...



mar said...

The girls made beautiful purses but yours are fab!, congrats! *wink

Tree said...