Thursday, September 28, 2006

Trying times

When aren't they?

How many times do you look around and think - everything is just the way it should be?

Lately I've had a little more drama than I care for. Things I should be able to remove myself from, but just can't. The conversation Tuesday night that left me with exactly 2 hours and 28 minutes of sleep to work with on Wednesday.

For the most part, I like to thing myself an optimist. Glass half full kind of girl.

The last few weeks have really tested that.

There are still unresolved issues - things that may never be resolved. Things that make me question who I am and what I will and will not stand for.

On the bright side (see... I told you... There's always a bright side) my husband was home last night and I was in bed at 7 pm...


Mrs. Wheezer said...

(((Hugs)))) Gretchen. I know you're going through a really hard time. I firmly believe it will eventually get better, but then, I'm an optimist, too.

Tree said...

G, I do not know what is making it a glass half-empty vs a glass half-full for you. ((((HUGS)))) and support from me.

YAY for an early bedtime....