Thursday, September 21, 2006

Note to self...

Remember to put wedding ring on before going to the gym.

I didn't think the place was a meat market. At all. Until I went in without my wedding ring.

Innocent enough. I made meatballs for dinner last night. Didn't want to dig raw meat out of my ring. Eeew. Took them off. Forgot to put them back on.

I shouldn't say I forgot. I remember frequently I don't have them on. Apparently a nervous habit of mine is rubbing the palm side of my ring finger with my thumb- right where the ring lays.

1 comment:

Christina000 said...

have done the same thing and thought the same thing. Never again will I go without it. People seem to think not seeing one is an invitation.

but honestly I don't see you needing a ring to keep the hot guys off you!!!