Thursday, June 15, 2006

Landscaping Done

For now. Only because I can't think of anything else. But I will.

Here's the new and improved look from my kitchen window. In all, I reseated the black edging, moved a couple rocks, moved a bunch of plants, and threw down 11 bags of mulch (3 cubic feet each).

I made it about "this much" smaller on three sides - mostly so there's less maintenance, and to create more room for the kids' swingset (next project!).

This is the big rock I moved. All leverage baby. Since my arms are X long and my ass is Y wide, I can move things Z heavy. Plus, it was mostly down slope.

This is the rock I didn't move. Tried though, but just a little too big. Looking to put some tall grass in behind this little arrangement, but will wait until it goes on sale in just a few weeks.


Tree said...

Looks super, G! I love the grasses and the various shrubs and rocks. It's very pretty.

Builder Mama said...

Holy crap G, it looks awesome!

That's're coming here to Builder Mama HQ to head up our landscaping project! Of course I still need those stupid retaining walls first...

Builder Mama said...
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