Thursday, June 15, 2006

Next Project

Main level half-bath. Um, yea. Don't quite know the decorating plan she was going for... I used black, simply because I didn't have anything else that would look remotely right. The baby and me (who is consideratly covered by flash).

Here's the look I'm going for. I found the border half off at the local home improvement store.

I went for the darker pink and the lighter brown. I figured the square footage, and for the top I have 96 square feet. The quart covers 100 square feet. I'll have my fingers crossed that my math is right.

Total cost of the project will be under $35.

Paint - $15

Border - $10

New roller cover and brush - $7

Not feeling like I'm taking a crap at The Big Top - priceless.


Tree said...

Oh, I like it! Looking forward to finished results.

Tanaya said...

Our guest bath has a international flair,too - namely Paris. I think your choices will be a dramatic improvement!