Wednesday, May 10, 2006

That time of year

It's that time of year - the time where the kids can't tell if they need a coat or a swimsuit.

Last night, the kids played with the next door neighbor kids. Apparently, my house was good enough, until I determined that each child could only have two popsicles. There, they took off for the neighbor's yard. They came home with sandy feet - from the obvious sandbox. I decided to get a watering can and water their feet clean, as sandy feet and hardwood floors don't really mix. Next thing I know, I have four watering cans out, a large pail of water, and half the neighborhood kids out in swimsuits. Every two or three minutes, I'd head in, fill the pail, and out I'd go - giving each a little water to either water the sidewalk, grass, plants, or each other. The kids had a really great time - nevermind it was only about 70 degrees out at the time.

Good times, good times.

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Builder Mama said...

That does sound like fun! And a great idea about the watering can too...need to dig mine out from the move last year...