Monday, May 08, 2006

Home sweet home

back after a weekend of debauchery. This pretty much sums it up... Friday was wonderful - I don't know if it was the two tall-double vodka tonics before the plane took off or meeting some of my very bestest frends at the airport - but we had a blast.

Saturday woke up and grabbed a quick shower. My attic-mate decided to sleep until after nine. For most moms that borders on criminal - but we were on vacation. As she primped and preened her skinny self, the rest of us when shopping. A great little place called Janeville - owned by the same people as Gymboree. I found a fabulous jacket on the clearance rack and deemed it "happy mother's day" to me. After loading our luggage into the taxi/minivan, we headed into "the big city" of Boston. Arranged for one room early for luggage, dropped it off and went for a manicure/pedicure. Walking around the city was so much fun. There were so many people to look at and I loved looking at the buildings. Took a bus to a great mexican place - it was Cinco de Mayo after all, and I imbibed on two margaritas and a shot of tequila. Headed back to the hotel, filled up our plastic cups with more alcohol, and jumped in the hot tub. Yummy. Back in the hotel room, we sang Happy Birthday to one of our members, and presented her with a penis cake. She was delighted, and the cake was very good. A bottle of wine, magnum of champagne, bottle of vodka, bottle of rum, and a six pack or so later, we were all pretty shit-faced. Except one - who found out she was pregnant the day before she left.

Saturday was pretty grim. We had fun, but the massive hangover kept me from really enjoying myself to the best of my abilities. We walked around, looked around, shopped and took a few pictures. Saturday night's dinner was fantastic- the food was great and the prices reasonable.

Sunday we had a quick breakfast before planes started to depart. It was sad to see people go, but I was ready to get back to my crew. I arrived at the airport in plenty of time. When it was time to go, I looked at my boarding pass and realized it said "First Class" - well I'll be darned. It was probably the most pleasant flight I've had - "May I take your coat?" "Would you like something to drink before takeoff?" "Lunch service today?" The glasses were actually glass. Wow-wee. It was a great way to end the trip.

Today I'm back to normal. A bit of the luster of the trip has worn off, but I'll hang on to the memories for a long time.


Builder Mama said...

You called me skinny! Tee hee!

It was so great to see you. Next time I want a little more cuddling afterwards, okay?

Christina000 said...

like a walk down memory lane. was an awesome time G ;) thanks for all your great fashion advice too :)

Tree said...

I bet you had such a great time!! Wish I was there.


Mrs. Wheezer said...

I am going to get to go one of these years!

So glad everyone had fun.