Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sleeping In

One of the great things about having the kids outside so much during the day, is they're not in any hurry to get up in the morning. Monday - 8:45, Tuesday - 9:05, Today - 8:45. Beautiful.

Yesterday I dug out 13 foot long brick pavers from around one of the trees. The grass had grown over half of it, so it took me longer than I thought. I planted four hostas and some other stuff underneath it after I laid the edging. Only two to go - one of them already has the edging and the other has nothing. One had nothing, one had egding, one had brick... Nice.

My hands are so sore. I'm wearing my gloves, but my hands just aren't used to this kind of work. No blisters at least.

Hopefully tomorrow will be rainy - that will give me a chance to catch up around the house.

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