Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Everything's better with butter.

Really. Take the lowly "Crispy Rice" cereal. Box of that, bag of marshmallows, half a stick (ok 3/4) of butter, and a dash of vanilla. Pure bliss.

Whomever looked at the cow's teat, and proclaimed, "If it's good enough for a calf, it's good enough for me!" is either a genius or a complete mental case. And by not only extracting the milk, but then turning into the rich creamy goodness of both butter and cheese, deserves some sort of medal.

Why's it called a Popsicle, Mommy?

I wish I knew, but apparently the kids in the cul-de-sac know to come to my house to get one. Just don't eat them in the house or the garage. The house is sticky enough, and we'd like to keep the ants out of the garage. Personally, I like the red-white-and-blue ones the best.

Beautiful days mean a neglected house.

The last few days have been nothing short of amazing. I'm getting a lot of stuff done around the outside of the house, much to the neglect of the inside. I'm hoping for a crappy day tomorrow, so that I may sweep, mop, dust, and scrub the house. Oh, and laundry too... The fun just never ends around here!


Not quite, but the kids and I will be at my parent's for Memorial Day weekend. This will be the 15th year my husband has gone to the Indy 500. It was "grandfathered" in to our relationship, and I, on most counts, look forward to the weekend with my parents. Sure, it would be nice to spend the time with my husband, but if I can't - I might as well make the best of it. I'm able to turn off the "Mom" function and let the kids play with them while I read in the hammock. Or sleep.


Tree said...

Have a fabulous weekend with the parents! I know how close you are and it sounds like pure bliss.

I have to agree with you on the rice crispy treats. Yummmmy.

MeganHT said...

LMAO! I loved your all purpose post today. I still think we live the same life! Have a super time at your 'rents this weekend.

My secret plans to get stuff done in the house yesterday were dashed when a t-storm predicted for the afternoon didn't appear until after bedtime. But the good part is the inside doesn't get as bad because we are outside! MD weekend it was rainy and cold, and I probably picked up the house 7,392 times.

Oh and lawn boy couldn't help out, so I got to do the back 40 (after downing a beer) all by myself Friday night. Hubby gave me his walkman, but chose to informed me after I was done that you CAN hear me singing over the drone of the lawnmower. Who'd a thunk?