Thursday, September 02, 2010


When my oldest was in second grade, my mother donated her hair to Locks of Love. So inspired, my seven year old daughter decided to do the same.

Three years later, she finally had enough to donate.

Who is this grown up girl of mine?!?

Though not totally unplanned, one day she looked at me and said, "If I cut the ten inches off, what will be left?" I got a ruler out and showed her. Thirty minutes later we were getting it cut. They did a fantastic job and ended up taking off nearly 12 inches.


For what it's worth, she now has the bracing off her teeth from the trampoline incident. She was a champ while they were grinding it off. The dentist said he wishes all his patients were so... patient. The oral surgeon gives her a 50% chance of keeping the tooth for the long haul. The bills are still coming in, though.



Anonymous said...

She is so thoughtful to hold on to this desire to give to someone in need for three years! That's a long time for a seven year old! She's amazing and I'm so proud of her!! LUVM, G'ma

Tree said...

She looks lovely! And the hair matchies her pixie face. What a fabulous girl you have!