Monday, August 09, 2010

At some point, they'll have to come home

With summer in full swing and the days until school starts dwindling, it's been a busy couple of weeks around Cow Town.

In the last two weeks, I have spent precious few nights in my own bed. Two weeks ago, we took the kids to Hill Billy Central for vacation. At least that's what I call it - you might know it better as Branson. The kids had a great time at the amusement park, water park, and corresponding activities. It's not that I didn't have a good time, it's just this time it was about the kids. We headed home on a Friday to regroup, do laundry, and re-pack. A week ago today, I made the three and a half hour trip to my parents. The Suburban loaded with three excited children, I was taking them for their week-long odyssey of fun at their grandparents. I spent the night and headed home Tuesday.

Fortunately, the laundry was done as I started packing again. This time - for me. Hubs and I took off early Wednesday morning headed West.

What is it that seems almost magical about heading West?

As the miles clicked by, I tried to rest, to recapture some of the lost sleep from the week before, but I found myself staring out the window watching the scenery slowly change. Yes, slowly, as Kansas seems to stretch forever. Once we entered Colorado, the corn and bean fields made way for grazing fields. Less tilled and slightly more wild, I kept scanning the horizon for the mountains. As long a Kansas seemed, Colorado that much more as the anticipation grew. At some point, I did fall asleep. It wasn't more than 30 minutes (though my husband claims much longer), but it was enough. As I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, my husband motioned forward and told me to look ahead. Finally. The Rocky Mountains. We kept driving. Though Denver, along I-70, twisting and turning, up the side of the mountains until we reached our final destination: Vail.

Yesterday it took ten and a half hours to make it home. I didn't drive a mile. Though I don't mind driving, we make much better time when my husband does.

At some point this week, the kids will come home. Though I miss them, I do enjoy the time today to get caught back up with things before they storm the castle.


With the days of summer winding down, what are you most looking forward to about Fall?


Tanaya said...

A sense of routine is what I'm looking for in the fall. Summer has been a little scattered with childcare coverage. When school starts, I'll know what pretty much what everyday brings and I can plan accordingly...and get back to the gym on a regular basis.

Joe said...

I am looking forward to the coming snow. I cannot wait for ski season.