Tuesday, May 04, 2010


I'm at a point right now I never thought I'd be.

I hit my goal weight a couple weeks ago.

In my wildest dream I never thought I'd get to my goal weight. When I started this journey, I would have been happy to drop 20 pounds or so (get below 200). As it went, the weight came off fast and furious and in about 5 months I lost 45 pounds.

Forty five. Never did I think I'd hit 175 again.

That's what I weighed when I graduated from high school.

Right now my goal is to maintain that within four pounds. That keeps me in the 170's. This morning I woke up and wasn't a bit startled when the scale said 179. Rather than sigh and get dismayed, I knew I'd just have to watch it for a few days while the scale inches back down. It's a balance.

The past couple weeks have been an experiment in 'good' eating days and 'bad' eating days. Like I tell my kids - there are no 'bad' foods - just 'always' foods and 'sometimes' foods. You can always have celery sticks, carrots, apple, etc. You can sometimes have candy.

Not that I've been eating candy or anything. ;)



merrymishaps said...

Wow, congrats! That's great!

MPPs Mom said...

Congratulations. I know how much you have struggled in the past and this is just really really fantastic news. I hope it has made you feel wonderful and energized and happy, and that you find the balance that will keep you feeling all those things.


Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! And great timing - it's swimsuit season . . . well almost.


Karen said...

Well done you! I know how hard you have been fighting to reach your goal and how incredibly unhappy you were before. I can just imagine the size of your grin when you saw the scale :-)

Angie said...

Congratulations! I like the way you explain food to your kids - always food and sometimes food. That's a good way to think about it. Awesome job with the weight loss. ~Angie (BTW, I found your blog through NaBloPoMo.)