Saturday, May 01, 2010

I can hear my husband snoring in the other room

It's early. For me. I've been up since about 3:45 am. The incessant coughing of a five year old will do that. I gave her some medicine about 4:15 and made myself lay back down until 5.

After that? What's the point. If I manage to get back to sleep, it will be painful when the alarm goes off at 7. I'm better off trying to catch a quick nap somewhere in the mad dash that is Saturday.

Today's going to be a busy one:
The boy has a hockey game from 9 - 10,
the Baby has an extra dance class from 11 - 12,
the oldest has softball practice from 11 - 12:30,
the oldest has dance from 1 - 4 (normally 1 - 2)
the oldest has a birthday party at 2 - 4:30.

Right after hockey, my husband and son are going to the Indy car race. That will help - the boy won't be whining about having to be away from home. He'd rather be home that driving his sisters to dance class.

I am compromising with my oldest about the dance class/ birthday party debacle. She received the birthday party invitation over a week before we knew of the extended dance class, so I am having her stay until 3, and then she can catch the tail end of the party. Also, they will be having another extended dance class before the recital.

We should be home around 4:30 or 5. I'm hoping for a quick nap before the sleepover - two 7 year old boys - starts. Oy. Their parents have a party, and I offered - no sense paying a sitter when they have been begging for a sleepover.

The month of May is just plain busy. Fall activities are winding down and spring/summer activities are starting up. Soon enough dance and hockey will be over and we'll be left with softball and baseball. My weekends clear up after the fourth of July, pending we don't have to make up any games due to weather. Right now I have five open weeks at the end of summer before school starts and I'm sure looking forward to it.


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Anonymous said...

Wow, busy busy! Hope you get a nap!

-Your Sis