Monday, April 05, 2010

Going Up?

Even though I'm 'home' all day, that does not negate my children's responsibility around the house. Case in point - the stairs. Even though I could probably use the exercise, I'm not their pack mule. As I pick up the accumulated crap around the house, it gets put on the steps. When they go up, they (should) take what's theirs with them. Ideally they'd put it away as well, but, I can't work magic.

Throughout the week, book, laundry, games (and their pieces), their laundry that found the way into mine, and too many other assorted things find their way to the steps. I try and make it easy for them - I try to keep their things together so if they see one thing on a step that is theirs, they know that all the things on that step are theirs.

For the most part, I gently remind them to take what is theirs with them. Every day except Sunday. Sunday night, I usher them up step by step. I ask "Who's is this?" If no one claims it, I pick it up. Every last Lego, barrette, hair band, book, and item of clothing.

What becomes of the things I pick up?

I only had to throw them away once...



Nat said...

Pack-mule... I love it. The Boy is not so fond of bringing things back to the right level... I use the throw out strategy too.

Tree said...

I totally feel like a pack mule in the mornings. Somehow, N has picked up on this and has started to take both his and his sister's backpacks out for me. Sweetie. Now, the steps.... different story.

Do you use a basket or just place them on the steps?