Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It might not seem like much...

I'm fortunate to have several of my grandparents' things that are important to me: one of my grandmother's rings, some of her vintage Fiestaware, and my grandfather's Cross pen to name a few. And while I wouldn't trade them for anything, there is something much less noble that holds a dear place in my heart: The Camp Spatula.

At our last family gathering, breakfast one morning was pancakes, bacon, and eggs. When I asked if I could help, my uncle pulled a well used spatula out of the silverware tub and told me to get to work. This is the same uncle that exclaimed I could feed my family with my shooting skills.
I immediately set to work: keeping the bacon from burning, flipping pancakes and taking orders for how people wanted their eggs cooked. As I held the spatula in my hand, I silently wondered where it got it's start, and how long it had been in service. I noticed the nice balance and heft as I flipped, turned, and tried not to burn. Marvelling at the smooth wood handle, I thought about all the hands that may have used it.

Looking to my uncle, I told him I liked the spatula. What? That?!? That's the spatula we took with us when we went camping. Dad used it to fry fish and hash browns and Mom used it for everything else, he replied. It's nice, I told him, useful.

Breakfast was soon served and the clean up began. We cleaned up by bucket and soap with no running water; the cast iron pans were rubbed with a bit of oil and put away until the next meal. I put the spatula back in the tub it came from and went back to whatever we were doing that day. Probably shooting.

Several months later, my parents came up for a visit bringing loot for the kids and a gift or two for my husband and I. My dad told me he had something for me from my uncle. With a curious glance, I unrolled the paper bag and glanced in.

There it was, the camp spatula. He noticed you liked it and wants you to have it, my dad told me. As I held the smooth wood handle in my hand, I started to think of all the meals I could make with it.


For what it's worth, spring is coming. Burgers were cooked on the grill Sunday night. I used the camp spatula.


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merrymishaps said...

Oh, it does seem like much. I totally get it. That's wonderful, enjoy it!