Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hills and Valleys

To everything there is a season,
a time for every purpose under the sun.

As I sit here, I know just how lucky I am. It doesn't mean there aren't trying times, though. Leading up to Thanksgiving, I found myself in a fog.

Aching for the life that would never be in Minnesota. Aching for the life that I would have to build here, feeling completely out of place. Knowing I would make my life here, but not really wanting to.

I found myself using food. A lot of food.

There is so much to be thankful for...

My newly minted, wise beyond her years, ten year old. How did I end up with a 10 year old?!?

The day this picture was taken, she wanted her hair straightened. Usually it's a bit of a mess that never really looks brushed, even when it is. The top is reasonably straight, but then underside near the nape of her neck is a nest of curls. She doesn't mind it now, but I'm sure as she grows older it will be a source of consternation.

She's so much more devoted to school than I ever was. She has a book report due February 24th. It was assigned Monday. She's read the book and already made an outline for her report. She's excited about typing it. Excited.

At 10, she still cares what I think and my word holds weight in her world. I know that will end, or at least take a back burner for awhile, but for now... I'm holding it close to my heart.

My son has taken a liking to handwriting - they're learning cursive. He will sit for hours practicing his letters. It is the one way we can get him to practice spelling without much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

He had his last regular season hockey game last night. The coach said he is a bit of a slow starter. He needs to get knocked around a bit, and then he's good to go. Better that than quick out of the gate only to lose it halfway through, perhaps? Finish strong - always finish strong.

There's a big hill behind our across-the-street neighbor perfect for sledding - or snowboarding. Given his three snowboards and willingness to share, he's been a big hit with the neighbor kids this winter.

And this one? My five year old too-smart-for-Kindergarten kid? She thought after Christmas break she got to go to 1st grade. She cried a bit when she found out she didn't, and replied, "But I already know all my letters and even how to read." Hard to argue, but when I said she'd miss her friends, she decided Kindergarten would be fine after all.

Most days after school you can find her coloring or trying to read chapter books. If she's not doing that, she's following me around the house. I'm careful not to stop too fast, or she'll run right into me. While she's coloring, reading, or following me, she's usually talking and talking and talking. We call it 'chirping.'

And me? After Thanksgiving I gave myself a good talking to, put down the food, and decided to concentrate on the what-can-be, not what-could-have-been.

Dare I say it worked a little bit. On my parent's last visit, I asked Mom if we could find some 'before' pictures. Sure enough... There they were in living color. Maybe someday I'll be willing to share.

I still have to talk myself into most of my runs. It helps there isn't as much jiggle as there used to be. There's still more to go.

Attitude is everything.

And this? My birthday present, courtsey of my parents.

What is it? A 40 yard roll of batting. Oh the quilts I can make. Anybody need one?!?



Anonymous said...

This is a post you'll look back on with wonderful memories, because it tells it like it is. Many years from now, you'll be glad to have these cherished memories to remember! Love it, love it, love you all!!! G'ma

Nat said...

Change is so damned difficult eh? Hugs.

I have a new friend and we went up to her farm, she is all about the quilting. I thought of you immediately. :)

Melissa said...

Winter is not a great time in KC - It's cold all of the time and everything just looks... ugly or dead. I hope you feel better soon - I have moved enough to know it's no fun. Do you give yourself something fun to look forward to? Take care!

Calico Road said...

wow what a great post. i live in CO and the winters here are pretty mild and sunny, but it's been snowing and cloudy for three days, so i know what you mean about the weather. I also know what you mean about the weight. I seem to be a bit on and off about the dieting, so to hear you've lost 30 is fabulous, and reminds me that it is possible. I'm not much of a runner, (i giggled at the jiggling comment) but I figure any moving I did today is more than yesterday. Good for you!
So now to be really honest about something......
Once i saw what your parents got you, I peed my pants with jealousy and totally didn't care how cute your kids are. There. I said it. :)

Tree said...

I love this post, Gretchen.

FWIW, I have to talk myself into running sometimes, too. I *know* I will be so happy when I am done, but that initial phase of "just do it" can be hard.