Friday, January 08, 2010

Friday, finally

It seems like summer break, but without being able to send the kids outside to play. Well, I do, but not as much. They love playing in the snow and as long as they're dresses appropriately, I'm ok with it. I did keep them in yesterday due to excessive wind.

So far, they've made good use of their Christmas presents, finger painted, played outside, had a sleepover, and maybe even found a bit of time to read.

Me? I'm finally in the swing of having them home and even got a little sewing done. Also, I'm back on the South Beach kick. I managed to keep 8 of the 10 pounds I lost after Christmas off. Better than nothing!

Finally - our new favorite movie is Swiss Family Robinson circa 1960. What could be better - living in a tree house with running water on a tropical island? Oh yea, there are pirates...


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Anonymous said...

The snow and cold really hamper the fun. We walked 1/2 mi in 2 degree temps to get past 6 ft snow drifts, just like the days my G'pa & G'ma told me about walking to school only they walked 2 mi. Love Swiss Family Robinson. We'll watch it together sometime! Lv, G'ma