Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Take some time

I read somewhere that as adults we don't lose track of time often enough.

Remember being a kid and completely losing track of time? It might be playing outside, Legos, Barbies, reading a good book... Doesn't really matter, but the fact of it is that we lost track of time. We enjoyed ourselves.

As adults, we tend to be so plugged in to 'gotta do' that we forget what we like and want to do. This last week I've been indulging myself a bit. I tend to lose track of time when I make these:
Dresses for American Girl Dolls. Silly. But fun.

Sweet little buttons.

Carefully hand sewn snaps. Maybe a bit of ribbon.

I'm debating putting a few of these on etsy to see if they sell. Also, the school is having a craft fair, but I'm not sure I could get enough done to warrant a booth.

Today I'll be sorting through my fabric to see what others I can make. Maybe I'll fit in a bit of cleaning... Maybe...


Anonymous said...

They're beautiful! Loosing track of time can be very healthy. I'm sure they'd sell! Gma

Jac @ Wuzzle Makes Three said...

I think we all need to lose track of time more often, kids definitely know all the secrets!

Those are such beautiful dresses, you really should consider selling them on Etsy, I bet they'd do great!

Anonymous said...

Do you have an etsy store now? I'd like to look!

joansy said...

Oops, that wasn't supposed to be anonymous. It's me, JoNell