Wednesday, November 04, 2009

It must be a girl thing

Just got done shoe shopping with my oldest. I think I may have my first grey hair. After three stores, and plenty of "meh" later, we came home.


I will say my oldest has had plenty of experience in dressing herself. Being the oldest of three kids in four years, something had to give. By the age of 2, she was not only dressing herself, but picking out her own clothes.

For the most part, as long as it was seasonally appropriate and didn't look horrible... Hey, the job was done and I didn't have to do it.


Now she has an opinion. My only issue is she's apologetic about it. She kept telling me she was sorry she couldn't find anything she liked. I want her to like them (within reason) - and want to wear them.

... to the rescue. Not only did we find what she was looking for in her size, but customer service was terribly helpful when I made an error in ordering.

She's looking forward to getting them. I'm looking forward to relegating her old ones to the garage...

1 comment:

Tree said...

Awesome! You must share a pic of what she ended up selecting.

J has an opinion - must be pink. Lots of pink. And if there are flowers and hearts and butterflies, even better.

I think the age gap of 5 years is the cause of Nathan's lack of self-reliance.