Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday, Monday

There are a few things rattling around in my head that I just can't quite shake.

-Friday I went to a quilting class on double wedding ring quilts. I bought the acrylic templates. Now I just need to settle on the fabric for my 'test' quilt - meaning it will be lap/throw sized versus bed sized.

-Saturday and Sunday I sorted my fabric. Nothing terribly exciting, as I'm only half way done. I did however find a couple of half started projects that I'm looking to finish. I may offer these as a giveaway at a later date.

-An event Saturday night (early Sunday morning) as left me shaking my head and wondering what is happening to our friend's marriages. Love, honor and cherish have been replaced with bitch, complain, and bicker.

-Since we moved a little over three months ago, we've had two displaced husbands stay at our house. One night only, then I strip the bed and kick them out (with a hug, of course). I have my own marriage to look out for.

-Early this year I started a Dear Jane quilt. Needless to say it's been put away for awhile. I started using quilt quality fabric with muslin for the background. After the quilt expo last weekend, I'm wondering if I shouldn't use something a little better than muslin for the background.

Here are my possibilities:
a) use what I have for another project - wall hanging, pillow, something that won't get a lot of use - and start over with the better background fabric.
b) pick up where I left off, leaving my decision (re-make or just leave) of what to do until later.
c) one by one, take the blocks apart and remake them with other fabric for the backing.

Initially, I chose muslin because it was so much less expensive then other fabric. Now, I'm regretting my choice, as I really want this to be something that lasts a long time. What would you do?



Jen said...

Depends on how much you have done so far - if it is only a few squares then I would reuse it for something else and start new blocks with higher quality fabric...I admit I have become a fabric snob - better to se something high quality if you want it to last...

The Quilt Buddy said...

Hey G!

I think that I agree with Jen. If you haven't done too many blocks, then I would start over with something a little bit "heavier" than muslin.

I haven't started my Dear Jane yet. It has been on my "To-DO" list for awhile now. Do you want to work on it together?

Anyway, hope that things are going well !

Joe said...

Oy, you get to your mid-thirties, and you start to see the evidence of the "half of all marriages" statistics you have heard.

We have also had three guys stay with us over the last year...