Thursday, October 29, 2009

I have the best kids. No... Really.


Last night were parent/teacher conferences. All of the teachers said the child of mine in her class was a joy. They listened, followed directions, knew when to talk and knew when to be quiet, and most of all worked diligently when required. The only issue is The Boy's reading, though we've known that and are working with him. Even with that the teacher said how great it was to work with parents that really cared. I couldn't believe it. Who doesn't care if their child succeeds? Isn't school really a partnership between the teacher and the parents? I digress... I really couldn't be prouder of them. Until this morning.

There are conferences continuing today, so the kids don't have school. Usually that means they get to stay up a bit later knowing they'll sleep in. And for the most part they do. This morning they were up by eight. I heard them rustling around and turning on the TV. This does not bother me as long as they shut my bedroom door.

Around 8:15, a small voice asked me, "Are you done with these?" holding up a package of black pipe cleaners. With one eye open I croaked, "Yes and you can use them." I fell blissfully back to sleep, only hearing occasional chirps from my charges.

I woke at 9:14, the kids keeping themselves delightfully busy with a package of 25 pipe cleaners. No fussing, no bickering, and they'd put their cereal bowls by the sink. I'm not quite sure what more I could ask for.


Lest this post get to wordy and bragging...

Just because I stay home with the kids in school doesn't mean the dishes are always done.

Or the counters are always cleared off.
Or the family room is ready to receive guests. It serves an excellent place to baste a quilt.

I'm just doing the best I can, and knowing I have great kids goes a long way toward that.

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Tree said...

That is the best we can do! It's fabulous, whatever you are doing.