Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Double Booked

It's quarter past twelve in the morning and I can't sleep.

Tonight I realized I double booked Friday afternoon.

Friday afternoon the kids are having the Halloween parade and parties at school at 2:15.

Friday afternoon I'm supposed to be at my quilting class at 2:30.

There is no way I can do both.

I have missed parties before due to having a toddler or illness or something else I had to do. I have never missed a party because there was something I wanted to do. I was so so so excited about this class. Now, will I attend it with a shadow - thinking I should be there for my kids? Or will I attend knowing full well there is so much going on I doubt they will even miss me?


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Jen said...

it is hard but I have come to a realization that when you take time out to do something YOU want to do - it makes for a happier person and in turn a happier mommy...enjoy the quilting class...