Monday, February 02, 2009

Party? I don't think so!

I'm working on the Pretzel Party Quilt for the local quilt shop. Remember how I said they were looking for people to sew samples and they took me up on it? Yea... I don't know as I'd call the pattern a "party."

Though I don't think I'm out of my league, I'm getting very good at Y angles.


Thanks for all the well wishes about the big girl. I managed not to either call or email the director Saturday. I will, however, send one in the next day or two. I'd just like to know what sort of qualifications/training the referees have, and when/if they call fouls.

The hard part of this? It's just the beginning. I don't know how my parents sat through the number of games they did.

The amazing part? My daughter wants to skip dance tonight so that she won't miss basketball. I think I've created a monster.


Though I'm still resigned to the fact that we're going to move, I'm really trying to start looking at the bright side.


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