Thursday, January 29, 2009

Out the door

Looking out my front door:

This is after school the other day. Eight kids (that I can count) playing outside. No big deal, right? Sure, except I'd just seen the Oprah piece about overweight kids and how much TV they watch.

Do my kids watch TV? You bet.

Do they play outside with their friends for over an hour ever day the weather cooperates? You bet.

For those of you wondering, the temperature was hovering around 10 degrees. Plenty toasty for the kids.

Exhibit two - getting out the door.
**space cases. Wonder what they're looking at?

I've had a couple parents (of one) ask me how I get the kids ready in the morning.

For me, it's all a matter of planning. Their mittens and hats get hung to dry in the laundry room (from the outside play, see above picture) at night. Their book bags are packed and ready to go the night before. Their coats and snow pants get hung on hooks in the laundry room.

**oh, that's right. The TV. On days we're running late I turn it off. The Toddler is usually about 10 minutes behind the other two. That's OK, because she doesn't have to catch the bus.

Every morning I get up around 7:30ish. My oldest is usually already up, dressed and eating breakfast. The other two require a bit of prying.

By 7:45 they're downstairs eating breakfast. While they eat, I go and get their clothes for the day and throw them down the stairs. As they finish up and get dressed, I hang any necessary items, save the boots, on their chair.

By spreading their stuff to an individual chair, it alleviates the crowding by the door as they all try and get ready. By 8:25 my two older kids put on their boots and head out to the 8:35 bus pickup. My Toddler gets her coat and boots on while I stand at the bus stop. Her carpool pickup is at 8:40.

Planning and execution. Now, if I could just play outside for an hour...



Dysd Housewife said...

My problem isn't getting them's the mess they make coming back in! LOL

Jems said...

Military precision is what it's all about! And getting it all ready the night before. Works a treat for me and alleviates all manner of problems in the morning. You totally rock!

Merrily Down the Stream said...

I think a little sledding is in order!

Cathy said...

Jems took the words right out of my mouth (or keyboard as the case may be) - military precision! I try to get everything ready the night before but sometimes things still fall apart in the morning - one or both toddlers will decide they don't want to get out of their pj's, or don't want to wear a particular shirt or want to play with a particular toy....arrrrggghhh

Mayberrys said...

Great plan!
I'd love to follow it.....except our school departure is at 7:20 AM sharp.
And parental caffeination is required prior to the execution of any such military precision.....
Now, to convince the school to move to an 8:35 start time......