Thursday, December 11, 2008

So, so sick

My youngest has the most darling habit of repeating the word 'so.'

As in, "Mommy, this dinner is so, so good." The more so's, the better.

Unfortunately, I find myself so, so sick. It's the "love me, love my bathrobe" type of sick. The carry several tissues in my pocket sick. The NyQuil is my best friend sick.

Nothing I haven't had before, but couldn't it waited until after Christmas? I have things to do!

Anticipating I still wasn't going to feel good, yesterday I bowed out of helping in my son's classroom today, so I have an unexpected 'free' morning. I'm debating on going back to bed, laying on the couch, or working on a double-secret-probation Christmas project.

Right now there are a lot of double-secret-probation projects going on.


As an aside - I'm really struggling on what to give my husband for Christmas. We are bound and determined to cut back this year, and did buy ourselves a 'group gift', but I have the feeling he has something else up his sleeve. He usually does.



g-man said...

Sorry that you are not feeling well.. Rest up and drink fluids and all that.

DO you have a wii? That was out good group gift last year.

Fall Mama said...

Your sickness has so, so been passed on to Mom. Just in time for all of us to have it when you get here. No need for us to thank you . . . or you to thank us :)

Nat said...

I do hope you feel better and that it's nothing serious.

The Boy used to do this " I am so, so sorry..."
Now he just makes excuses. I preferred the " so so sorry"