Saturday, November 01, 2008

The morning after

The kids had a great Halloween - they only went trick or treating for about an hour, but that was plenty of time.

This morning they wanted to count their loot - - 347 pieces of candy. That doesn't count the few they consumed last night, but still. That is a lot of candy.

Last night after trick or treating, one of the neighbors projected a movie on the side of their house. They kids bundled up with jackets and sleeping bags and watched Speed Racer. The parents sat by a cozy fire and had a few cocktails. That's how we roll here in Minnesota - you've got to enjoy every last moment of Fall.

Hopefully again next year they'll let me help make their costumes. The quickest was the Hannah M shirt. Indy's jacket was a hoot, and the cheerlearder was easier than it looked.

My cheerleader, Hannah Montana, and Indiana Jones.

Good times, I tell you.



Cathy said...

wow, that's a lot of candy! hope they didn't eat it all at once lol!

what a great idea to make a night of it by projecting the movie outdoors and sharing cocktails. sound like fun!

halloween isn't big in Australia although I do notice it getting more attention each year...

jen said...

what precious kids! LOVE the idea of the movie outside. i'll have to "try" and remember that for next year.

Mayberry said...

I love your Hannah! So much more clever than all the girl Hannahs!