Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It's done.

I don't know as I've ever been so glad to see an election over.

Mostly due to the Norm Coleman/Al Franken Ads - and guess what - that race is close enough it gets an automatic recount.

Finally. I have my TV back.

DH and I stayed up last night to watch the results. I thought both the concession speech and the victory speech were well done.

I did learn one important thing this year.

Talk to your kids.

My kids came up with some great questions this year. Some were harder to answer than others.

But if they don't get their information from me, they'll get it from someone else.


Nat said...

Exactly, we keep having to explain the difference between a president and a prime minister... poor kid's confused.

It was "why does it matter that his skin is darker than mine? That's just wrong. Z. is definitely dark brown and he's my friend. " Out of the mouth's of babe. (Z is indeed wonderful.)

Tree said...

Is that you running across the finish line???

We need to schedule our next race together!