Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just a few random things:

-Talked to my sister quite a bit yesterday. She was a bit in the dumps that a)she was sick, b) she's still on bedrest in the hospital, and c)her numbers from the amnio weren't good enough on Monday to warrant the baby's delivery. Though she knows she and her wee one are where they need to be, she's allowed to get a bit pissy about it now and again. They're looking at doing another amnio on Tuesday to see if the numbers have improved. I will say that we laughed quite a bit on the phone, seeing as she had nothing better to do. Her background information can be found here.

-Thanks for all the wonderful book selections. It has been so long since I've actually taken the time to read I'm a bit out of the loop. The list is made and I'm heading to the library this morning.

-The kids get out of school 2 hours early today and then have Thursday and Friday off. We're heading to the inlaws. Seeing as the last time we were there was for our trip to Cabo San Lucas, they're getting a bit antsy for us to visit. Not sure yet what the plan is, but all will reveal itself soon enough. The best part of it is we'll be stopping by to see my sister on the way home.

-The kids love to help me cook. Usually this is quite the juggling act, but the youngest decided she'd rather play on What can I say? They were the best grilled cheese I've had in a long time!

Happy Hump Day!



Nat said...

She sure is allowed to get pissy. Poor kid. I wondered how she was doing.

I hope you and your family get a chance to relax and enjoy the trip. (Not sure that's possible with two kids.)

Mayberry said...

You got some great book recs! Hope you have a nice trip.

Mitzi Green said...

if you don't have other plans for saturday evening, you should totally come over--we're having bob's birthday party weenie roast at 5:30. call me!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I miss grilled cheese sandwiches. I hate ATKINS.

Hallie :)

joansy said...

I hope your sis is still doing okay. How far along is she now/

Have a great trip. I'm so overdue for one - getting a little too stir crazy.